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Al Sterling published on

DRAFT NIGHT! Dan and Al welcome (Her Name Is) Elizabeth and Kat back onto the show for a ladies draft night. Our topic: Draft Five Women from Geek Culture to Stop the Apocalypse. We did our best, but it is you, dear listeners, who determines the winner. Did Al manage to snag the best team devoid of Y chromosomes? Or did Elizabeth’s roles and goals outstrip him? Did you manage to draft a better team than all of us? Let us know!

But that’s not all, of course. We’ve breaking down of all the hottest new trailers, we’re loving the threads draping scientist and astronauts alike, we’re fuming over GamerGate, and wondering if Powerless is worth it or not. As always, thanks for listening, and SUBSCRIBE!!

ALSO! If you’d like to see that 3D printer in action at high speed, check it out here. And, if you’d like to do some printing of your own, a Factur membership can be yours…

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