For Geek's Sake

Episode 156: April 21st, 2018 at 7pm

Al Sterling published on

We’re doing some virtual shredding this week as we welcome back the US Air Guitar crew! This time Rachel has brought along top competitor Hennessey Williams, who is bound and determined to win it all this year. Now, if only Al could get the dates right…

In addition to Making Air, Not War, we’re also covering Facebook’s continued woes, checking in with Mad Mike Hughes and his homemade rocket launch, and geeking out over the return of casual badass Phil Coulson to the MCU.

All that, plus we make the blind see! Well… WE don’t… but we talk about scientists who’ve done it, so it’s like we’re helping, right? Right? No? Oh. Well… whatever then. Thanks anyway. But still… you should subscribe. That way it’s like you’re helping the blind see.

But not really.

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