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Al Sterling published on

Hey.,.. uh… mind showing us some love on iTunes?

It’s been a crazy week on your favorite geek podcast, dear listeners. Logistics was against us at every turn, but we persevered! Nay, we conquered!

…basically, people got sick and the guests had a conflict, but we worked it out because there are a lot of awesome people who make this show happen.

And what a show it is! From the Air Guitar Qualifier, Rachel joins us to lure Al (and… Liz?) into the seedy dangerous world of air guitar. Al agrees to compete IF they can reach th- Oh. Looks like we already got there. Before the show dropped. Well… damn. Looks like Al has 60 seconds of air to shred.

But fear not, non-air guitar people! We’ve still got a show full of flagrant copyright infringement, whipping people for information, and even a little GamerGate whining… oh, how their rage brings us such warmth and light…

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