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Mole Breastmeat and Oversized Teardrops

Al Sterling published on

It's just Al and Danielle this week, as Danielle gets her first real taste of anime from a less-than-reputable source... Also, self driving cars go remote control and Al and Danielle prepare for their first Comic Con...

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    Hey howdy. Been listening from as far back as your archives go so dunno if you ever readdressed trying to find the right anime for Danielle but we try to do that at We actually try to cover all media except video games and music, so you'd probably want to look at our animation and books playlists.

    The thing about anime is it's so diverse, there's something for everyone out there. Hopefully we've covered something to her interests in one of our recordings. Cowboy Bebop and Stand Alone Complex though based off of what little I know about her do seem like really good recommendations. The aversion to gore honestly makes it a little hard for me to come up with anything myself, as the more serious titles tend to have it. Outlaw Star might also be something she'd like to check out but my memory on it is fuzzy to be honest.