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Al Sterling published on

This week we’re thrilled to welcome back Sylvia Butler and Kristen Stone as we break down everything right (and wrong) with the Walking Dead season premier! We also mourn the loss of a BB-8 Droid, freak out over affordable bionic hands, and wax poetic on Marvel’s Jessica Jones heading to Netflix. Enjoy!!

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  • Justin Stone

    BB-8 UPDATE:
    Sphero (maker of the BB-8) responded (many times over) to my e-mail expressing my concerns and disappointments with the BB-8. They made no excuses, took full responsibility, and went above and beyond to make it right. THIS IS A GREAT COMPANY. It is a small upstart company founded by recent American college graduates and their efforts to bring robotics to the general public should be commended. I hope you will support Sphero this Holiday season. This is a company that cares about its customers and its products.


    Fun stuff. Must be pretty out of it because I never considered how dumb it was to pull all the walkers out of the hole, and I usually spot the dumber parts of WD. Shame none of you were familiar with the comics, would've brought a whole new side to the discussion.