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THIS WEEK! From the amazing Cast Revive podcast we’re pleased to welcome Matt Heimerl, as we discuss the best things happening in video games today. Matt also introduces us to the world of speed runs, and the charities they support. In addition, we pontificate on matters of cord cutting, 5D data, Wolverine’s possible R rating, and give The Walking Dead a little more of the love it deserves… Thanks for listening, and SUBSCRIBE!

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    The Walking Dead comics is a story of survival with drama that comes inherent with survival an apocalypse. The TV show is a drama with survival added in. There's only so much you can do with drama as your main focus. I will say in terms of what happens beyond the current season's story arc, the next story arc actually suits a drama tv show more than the survival comic. In fairly general terms the TV show has followed the comic in a fairly parallel manner, but this is where it can either stop short, especially if they really tank on the up coming conflict which takes up a gargantuan chunk of the comic which is my main fear. If that's the case, they are probably not going past this story arc. Or worse, if they continue the TV series past it, it's not going to follow the comic's next story arc. Wouldn't make sense with the limitations of television and casting live actors compared to how the comic's story line progresses.

    Also, all calls Judith dying as the season finale. I will say Judith lives, and a different baby dies in the season finale. I noticed the tv show vs comic tends to flipflop a lot of character deaths and whatnot. More than just that specific baby and Judith being switched, the mother and father of that baby would also end up switched in the process in terms of comic vs TV show.

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    You know it's getting hard when the debate is over which baby dies... but I think you make a good point. There are some serious concerns about the long term plan here.

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