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The Password is Beef Women

Al Sterling published on

Holy crap! We got an actual NASA (contractor) person to come on the show! Did we become legitimate? Quick, someone figure out if we’re legitimate now!

…no? No? Are we… okay. Well, maybe next time.

Regardless, Dustin Lore is on the show to tell us all about how he’s helping build a probe that will hurtle itself into sun at an alarming rate. No word on why, given the infinite expanse of outer space, this poor thing has to go headlong into the first star it can find, but there we are.

When we’re not wasting NASA’s time, we idle away the hours talking turkey about Peter Jackson’s latest Hobbit-free adventure, and then stare confusedly at what the hell they’re doing to Stargate. And if you think that makes no sense, just wait until you hear the next chapter in the Potterverse…

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