For Your Younger Self Show

Episode 1

Creating a Vision for Yourself or Your Family

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You’re with Becky and Matthew and welcome to the “For Your Younger Self Show”.

Are you a lifelong learner and would love to have an edge in life, business, and relationships?

Have you ever wondered how you could apply what others have struggled to achieve and cut years off your learning curve? Then you’re in the right place because we bring you insights from some of the most successful and perceptive people to share with you what they wish they could go back and tell their younger self.

On this episode we’ll jump in to creating a VISION for your life so you can point in the direction you want your life to go and get there at lightning speed.


1            Why setting up a vision is important

2            How to create a family or personal vision statement

3            What to expect, ups and downs during and shortly after the creation

4            Goals vs Visions and how to choose

5             How to communicate your vision

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