For the Culture Podcast

Episode 31

Enough is Enough

For the Culture Podcast published on

Rest In Peace George Floyd. Rest In Peace Breonna Taylor. Rest In Peace Ahmaud Arbery. Rest In Peace David McAtee. Rest In Peace to everyone who was murdered due to police brutality. Black Lives Matter and always will matter. Social media and protesting are not enough. Anti-Racism is a lifestyle. 


After our initial thoughts on the murders that have taken place, we speak on how Donald Trump is embarrassing himself and making things even worse (16:30). We then discuss the terrible incident in New York during a protest, and how media censorship is becoming a problem in the perception of what is really going on (24:30). Give our takes on Drew Brees’s terrible take on the Black Lives Matter protests in a recent interview (35:45). Later we discuss the media blackout (42:34) and the results of the black square movement on Instagram.  Which leads into our conversation about people who are clearly racist and hiding behind good causes to bring them down. We then discuss platforms and the importance of using them, but if an internet post is enough or even necessary depending on who it is (50:17). And if corporations and brands are being genuine or not with their approaches to publicly respond to the protests and injustice (1:01:52). We wrap up this episode with Virgil “50 Ball” Abloh (1:06:12) and a quick talk about racists getting exposed online which is just *chefs kiss* (1:14:35).

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