For the Culture Podcast

Episode 10

S2E10: FTC 25 - Albums of the Year #25-11

For the Culture Podcast published on

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, WELCOME to the FIRST annual FTC 25. This is the beginning of our top 25 albums of the year, which will include plenty of surprises and SPIICY takes across the board. Now I know what you're probably thinking, everyone else already has one out. And to that we say, "fuck em!" ours is better, slighly biased, and 100% real with NO schemes in sight. No punches pulled on these lists, and each and every one of us breaks down our choices so you truly feel like it makes sense as to why an album made it on the list.

We LOVE each and every one of these albums close to our hearts, so if you feel like an album is too high or too low on our list don't get mad! Just shoot us a tweet at @FortheCultureQU and we'll have a discussion! 

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