Freedom Project

My podcast is first and foremost a way to document my own path to freedom. I have been on a road of freeing myself from feelings of living a prosaic life that lacks meaning and purpose. I questioned whether it was my location, my job, my health or my relationships that were leaving me feeling unimaginative and uninspired. The freedom project is my way of freeing myself from these feelings by pursuing things that reignite the passion and purpose in my life. I am documenting my journey of what works for me and what doesn't and will be sharing this journey with others that have been laying awake at night wondering if this is all there is. People that are dreaming of living a life that they don't need a vacation from and wondering how it is that they arrive at such an idealic destination. Each week I will choose goals that will take me a step closer to freeing myself from feelings of monotony and will share my stories on on both youtube and itunes. I will also be interviewing thought leaders from given fields that will also share their own journeys with my tribe. The shared vision is to help as many people close the gap of where they are and where they want to be, living a life of Freedom, Happiness and Fulfillment.