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Episode 109

EP 109 - What the Trump?!

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Chris and Dan hold an emergency episode after the shocking Trump victory in the US Presidential Election!

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  • Started listening, Interesting take but started getting absurd at about 21 minutes. The "wall" has nothing to do with racism...only enforcing laws that are already on the books, just not being enforced. The refugees coming in by the tens of thousands CANNOT be properly vetted, even the FBI has confirmed there is no way to vet them. We do need to stop immigration from certain countries where the majority of people believe that if you do not believe as you do your life should be taken from you - As Trump said, "UNTIL...we can figure out what is going on and get things under control." Do you two lock your doors at night or when you leave? Just curious. If you do and you are complaining about a man who wants to lock the doors, it's kind of hypocritical. It's not about racism, it's about preservation and safety. Not to keep people out, but to keep the ones here safe!

  • The Big Basin

    I meant to say if you don't believe as they do...