Episode 7

How to Hack the Skills Gap w. Tamara Balan & Lance Bialas

Julian Caspari published on

How can technology enable more inclusive hiring practices and processes? How can the public sector leverage technology to drive these innovations forward and bridge the skills gap? The gig economy is here and it's changing how the labour market works. In this epidsode we explore How to Hack the Skills Gap with Lance Bialas, Director of SAP Canada's Ideation Centre and Tamara Balan, a smart city visionary from CivicAction. With a projected IT skills gaps of nearly 200K jobs across Canada by 2019, we discuss whether employment matchmaking technology can help to solve Canada’s labour market challenges. Learn about the smart city hacks being implemented today to harness the depth of human potential in our cities. Will you witness the end of the resume in your lifetime? We hope so!

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