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GATcast Ep. 1: Inverse Phase

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The GATcast is HERE! Scott, Walter and Andy are joined by Inverse Phase, a wonderful chiptune artist who is known for his excellent tribute covers such as Pretty 8 Machine and Chipping With Isaac. Here's everything we discussed:

Valve comes in big at GDC with Steam vR, Controller and Steam Link
Blizzard announces 2 new characters for Overwatch, New Hearthstone Xpac
HBO Now announced for Apple devices and PC, sorry Android
Apple LOVES GOOOOOOLD with new Apple Watch and ultra-thin MacBook
WTF Planet?: Officers suspended after lending models guns and tank
LOOK WHAT I FOUND!: Descent, Rocketbook, Epic Boss Figher 2, [NUREN] The New Renaissance
Cat Jiggler 9000 and C64est by Inverse Phase
Interview with Inverse Phase about music inspiration and piracy
MASS SPAM: OneDeadSaint shows us Shower With Your Dad Sim 2015

March 28: GAT Round Table hosted by Walter on the uprising of VR
April 11: GATcast returns with Tom Dunkin, composer for Battle Chef Brigade

Special thanks to Inverse Phase for being a trooper during the show. Find his website at:

Brand Logo by: Doomkitten
Additional Artwork by: Tanakila, Scott Vyper
GAT music composed by: Scott Vyper
C64est tracked by: Inverse Phase
Cat Jiggler 9000 commercial: Andy
Amazon commercial music by: Kevin MacLeod
Chat moderation by: Tanakila
Audio and Video editing by: Scott Vyper
Hosting and technical support by: Walter

Links discussed on the show:
Endgagdet article on Steam:
Weird News:
Descent Underground Kickstarter:
Rocketbook Indiegogo:
Epic Boss Fighter 2:
[NUREN] The New Renaissance:
Shower With Your Dad Sim 2015:

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