Episode 12

GATcast Ep. 12: Tenarium, YouTuber

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Our special guest this week is Tenarium! Tenarium specializes in playthroughs of Visual Novels, so we talk about the good... the bad... and the flat out ugly when it comes to VNs! Doomkitten also joins us as a guest-host and joins in on many discussions! Here's what we talked about:

Con+Alt+Delete next month!
YouTube offers to cover legal costs for DMCA Takedowns
Sony working on PS2 emulation on PS4
Musical track (more info below)
Tenarium discusses Visual Novels

Music track during the break was by Kurorak with the song "Temperamental Me". Find more of Kurorak's tracks here:

Specials thanks to Tenarium for joining us! You can find his work here:

Coming up:
Dec. 5th, Ep. 13 of GATcast will feature special guests, Jon and Eddie, artists and con dealers!

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