Episode 14

GATcast Ep. 14 Live @ Con Alt Delete: Mr. Agitator of V is for Villains

GATcast published on

We are LIVE over at Con Alt Delete in front of a very fun audience! This is also the first time that Walter and Scott have podcasted together in the same room! Here's everything we discussed:

Airplane food has stepped up
We explain GAT and why we're at CAD
Cosplay and how it can lead to unhealthy dieting habits
Hideo Kojima and Konami officially part ways
Mr. Agitator talks about how the music business really works
Mr. Agitator discusses his work with FEAR 3

Specials thanks to Mr. Agitator for joining us during our live panel at CAD! You can find V is for Villains music here:

Brand Logo by: Doomkitten
Additional Artwork by: Scott Vyper
GAT music composed by: Scott Vyper
Video recording by: Tanakila
Audio recording by: Walter and Scott
Audio and Video editing by: Scott Vyper
Technical support by: Walter


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