Episode 8

GATcast Ep. 8: Static, Minecraft YouTuber

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We take a trip down memory lane and bring back the Lethal Injection crew as our special guest this week is Static, a popular reoccuring guest on the old Minecraft Podcast. Scott is also joined by Joe aka Enforcer1007. Static and GAT discusses Minecraft's longevity, how to build a channel up and much more! Here's everything we discussed. Website Overhaul and building a gaming clan Clicker Heroes clan is now at Lvl 25!
Con+Alt+Del panels: GATcast panel and a LIMP panel
Retro VGS, modern cartridge based system, is it worth the price tag?
Notch talks about depression from having too much money
We talk to Static about Minecraft, YouTube and LIMP
And more!

Coming up:

On October 3rd, join us as we live stream some GATcast Gaming. You will also have a chance to join in on the action via TeamSpeak3.
On October 10th, GATcast goes from once a month to every 2 weeks! Twitch streamer Doomkitten will be joining us live to discuss preparing streams and experiences!

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