Episode 206

Episode 206

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ITunes is no more !


COD modern ware fare remake is bringing crossplay is the beginning of unified gaming and the end of fanboyism?





Geek TV

Avengers Endgame review 


Batman vs TMNT review 


The Batman director has casted Robert Pattinson to be the next DCEU’s Dark Knight 

Or Sparkly Batman Robin is also rumored to appear in the trilogy 


Godzilla King of Monsters review by Grailund 


Swamp Thing trailer





Everything Games Everything Zen

What’s  everybody been playing ?


Anthem is rumored to go free to play And is the upcoming cataclysm event a reason to come back and play it ?


Dauntless is Monster Hunter for dummies and I love it ! And crossplay & cross-save is awesome .


Death Stranding trailer discussion 


Destiny 2 has a huge announcement next week.


E3 predictions 

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