Gabe Newell's Rosy Rupeeland

Episode 4

Gabe Newell's Rosy Rupeeland - 4 - Summer Sale Act 1

?illegal witchboy? published on

Gabe stopped sharpening his knives long enough to hit the big red button on his desk that says "STEAM SALE" and there's a whole lot to go through. So much that Zach accidentally recorded using the wrong microphone setting and Maxie accidentally read her angry email to Todd Howard live on-air.

Games discussed this episode:
Hitman: Blood Money -
Hitman: Go -
The Marvelous Miss Take -
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine -
The Yawhg -
Psychonauts -
Fallout: New Vegas -
Cave Story+ -
Rollercoaster Tycoon -
Crimzon Clover -
Warning Forever -

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