Garnett on Games
Episode 13

E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Special

Garnett Lee published on

Microsoft came into E3 promising it would be all about games, games, and games for the Xbox. It delivered in a two hour press conference that literally held nothing else. No talk about the Live service, no mention of Skype or other chit chat, just a non-stop parade of game after game. So how did they fare? A solid performance to be sure, though one that seemed to many to lack a knockout punch. Your calls get into all the big titles on display including Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo the Master Chief Collection, Inside, Crackdown, and more. Want to get your call in on a future show? Use the Garnett of Games Speakpipe page to record your message. E3 specials continue this week.

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  • John Williams

    While the idea of a Halo Collection is alluring, and Sunset Overdrive looks fun, I didn't see anything that could cajole me to buy one. I may once it gets a more fleshed out library and/or gets below $200. It doesn't appear that I would ever be buying a third party game on the system due to its inferior specs, and the exclusives just aren't compelling enough for me to spend four hundred dollars on. I AM happy to see a Kinectless sku on shelves, however. I HATED that thing.

  • John Williams

    I also thought it was a pretty underwhelming conference when you consider how much of what was shown was CG. I think anyone who believes we'll see 95% of the games shown before 2015 is delusional. Did Microsoft really think Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 would carry the system until next year? It appears so.

  • RuThaNiel van den Naar

    When Garnett said Dungeon Master, he means Dungeon Keeper. Dont mess with Dungeon Master since 1987!