Garnett on Games
Episode 15

E3 2014 Nintendo Direct Special

Garnett Lee published on

Wrapping up E3 2014 coverage Nintendo takes center stage with a surprisingly strong presentation that left more than a few people ready to go out any buy a WiiU. From Super Smash Brothers to Splatoon, Nintendo satisied its faithful with a lineup of games starting this holiday and stretching into 2015. It's the first sign they may be on track to get their swagger back. We wrap up E3 with a few closing thoughts of yours and mine on what went down at the show. And I get into the growing spectre of content and preorder exclusives casting a shadow over multiplatform games. And we get some of your comments on which version of Destiny will be finding its way to your screens this September. Want to get your call on an upcoming show? Head over to the Garnett of Games page at

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