Garnett on Games
Episode 14

E3 2014 Sony Press Conference Special

Garnett Lee published on

E3 2014 found Sony's Playstation back on top in the eyes of many gamers. How would they maintain that momentum? A lineup of impressive games like 1886: the Order, No Man's Sky, and a new Uncharted set some of the highest highs of the show. But a funny thing happened in the middle of their presentation. The pace slowed and many gamers tuned out as presenters stood on stage to talk about things rather than show games. How much did it derail the proceedings? Opinions varied and we've got all of yours here in this episode as we look at everything PlayStation from E3's press conference. And since it's been a while, I also sneak in a little talk on Watch Dogs. As always, get your calls in for future episodes on the Garnett on Games Speakpipe page.

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