Garnett on Games
Episode 12

Gamers Who Watch Dogs

Garnett Lee published on

E3 starts next week but there's plenty to talk about before it arrivies. Looking at Watch Dogs gets into the subject of how challenging it is for a game to live up to its hype and the need to balance the conceptual aspects of game with its play mechanics. Your Happy Place games remind us all of some great titles that give us good feels and are sure to become timeless classics. The matter of technical performance of games comes up from Total Biscuit's YouTube video on the great framerate non-debate, and of course many calls including this week's call of the week. Get ready for a full schedule of shows next week during E3. You'll be able to call in with your take on each of the conferences and all the news from E3 on the Garnett on Games Speakpipe page.

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  • RuThaNiel van den Naar

    Garnett pleas, add some non Facebook pleas, where pleas could send their ideas.. Because half of population as me, i will never use Facebook.