Garnett on Games
Episode 1

Garnett on Games debuts!

Garnett Lee published on

Garnett gets back behind the mic to launch his new show Garnett on Games and the timing couldn't be better because there's no shortage of things to talk about. South Part: the Stick of Truth came out this week, Watch Dogs got a release date, a new Batman game is on the way this year and it's next-gen only, tons of audience questions already queued up, and a whole lot more.

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  • Solryn

    An auspicious beginning, my friend. Well done.

  • crazyjah2003 .

    Great to have you back Garnett! I hope you know cannot stop podcasting because too many depend on your dulcet tones to keep gaming.

  • Ben Coley

    So good to have you back Garnett. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Justin Thomas

    Downloading now. Will be listening making breakfast on a (warmer) day in Detroit.

  • ArmCannonLockN

    I wanted to offer some constructive criticism but I honestly feel that if there is anything that can be improved, then I'm not qualified to pick it out. I would, however, love a track list in the show description or notes somewhere for the music you're using. The show sounds great, interesting topics that are well covered, has a good flow and excellent music breaks. You've got this pretty much down.

  • Mark Low

    Hell yeah! Glad to have one of my favourite podcasters back in the game.

  • Alex Perez Jr

    Hi garnett I been along time listener since 1UP, I'M Glad Your Back on a podcast I have One question? Are going To have guests On your show because I love The banners Between you and your guests. Thanks Garnett for being back you always Help me get through the day.

  • Marsha Bishop

    Congratulations on a great beginning. Love the variety of information.

  • Nbz

    Very excited for the future of this show Garnett! Loving the first episode so far :D

  • Garnett Lee

    Thanks for the love everyone! Yes, I'll definitely be posting the track listing for the music. I'll have it over on the facebook page ( along with the show posting. So far as guests, for now I want to see whether this format finds an audience. It's unique. Also. my current situation makes it all but impossible to go beyond me at the mic without using Skype or similar. Nothing against those formats. They're just different, though I personally find the people in the same place format so much better for conversational shows. I do think that audience input will provide a healthy dose of interaction and it's a big part of the content plan for this show.

  • FalconX

    Welcome back! Missed having a show from you each week. It would be cool to have notes with timestamps for topics you cover for a couple reasons . . . let's say you get really into something (for example, on the old show you got stuck on GTA 5 for several shows and I don't particularly care for that game) and I'd like to skip to the next segment. Or it is easy to be listening and then something catches my attention, and I'm like "Wait what game are we talking about now? That sounds neat." and I could just look at the timestamp for a hint rather than rewinding to hope I catch the name.. Just a convenience thing - if it already exists somewhere, I'm sorry for missing it!

  • Ray Marden

    A really good first episode. As others have said, the only immediate improvements are things like music listing, topic timestamps, etc.

    I'm curious how you feel, Garnett, having done a solo podcast. Some of the biggest laughs I've experienced while listening to podcasts have been when two or more people have been bouncing ideas off one another and I have to imagine it helps the podcasting party as well (external comedy source, new ideas, contrary opinions, etc.)

    I'm here regardless, though. Give me a subscription link or a Paypal friendly e-mail and I'll start throwing money at things. :)

  • Chris Hayes

    FYI iTunes Subscription links show up on ShoutEngine as soon as Apple approves the podcast.

  • Ray Marden

    Thank you, but that is not quite the type of subscription I am looking for. Still waiting, Garnett, still waiting... :)

  • Ian McHale

    Good to have you back sir!! You've been missed!

  • Jesse Hays

    Awesome show, thank you for all of the hard work. It's good to hear you back again!!!!

  • Garnett Lee

    Different, Ray. It may sound like a quick answer but that's really the only way to describe it. There was definitely something cool about the whole process of laying out the show and then just riffing on stuff. Not needing to guide conversations and just being myself. Dug that part. Was also a little weird. We'll see. My take away was wow, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be but also a lot more fun by virtue of it.

  • Wesley Pesley

    Garnett, I was going through podcast grief ever since the all too abrupt ending of WC. So good to have you back. Keep up the great work!

  • oscar lara

    awesommmmmmmme! i listened to other game podcast to try and get my fix , but none where the same... glad i can get my Garnett podcast fix again.

  • Edwin Ayala

    Hey whats up Garnett. Glad to hear you back on the mic. I know you have alot planned for the future but thanks for finding the time and energy to put another great podcast out there again in such a short amount of time. Good Luck

  • Richard Ogden

    Garnett you-are-a-gun! So good to hear you on the airwaves again. I never would have thought a one man podcast could be so damn engrossing, Very few people in this industry could pull that off. Well done sir. I look forward to the next episode. (Cheers Zemorg)

  • Andrzej Tucholski


  • Jamie Codling

    Been listening since the 1up days. Great to have you back.
    Show not appearing on UKiTunes

  • Jonny Cottingham

    Well done Garnett! Looking forward to listening.

  • bob wong

    I'm glad you're back! Keep it up Garnett - you should really do that bloody kickstarter! cheers!

  • Razor Ramone

    Great first show. I value your thoughts on the latest gaming news and the games themselves, and you delivered splendidly. At first, I was worried when it was announced you'd do the show solo. Having a conversation about games with friends, and letting others listen in via podcast feels natural. Talking into a mike continuously without a live visible audience I can only imagine being much harder to pull off, and require more preparation to keep the monologue going at a good pace. It is for this reason that I strongly recommend that you find yourself guest/co-host: I like the solo format very much, but I'm worried about how much more work/preparation that goes into it, and that it would take its toll on you. 1h 40m solo? wow!

    I think if you found a way to communicate with the weekend confirmed fanbase, you'd get more d/ls. Not everyone knew to go to your facebook page.

    Given your budget, have any scruples about accepting game gifts on steam from your loyal audience?

  • Daniel Meyer

    Love hearing you in my earholes again Garnett! I think you have a great talent for hosting, which is seen best when navigating a podcast with guests or co-hosts. A rotating guest slot might be fun. Otherwise, awesome stuff!

  • Anthony Parr

    Congratulations!! Welcome back! The show is awesome!

  • Kyle Braun

    I would like to start off by saying thanks. I've been a fan of your various podcasts over the years and I've enjoyed them immensely for that, thank you. I was surprised and pleased to see that you decided to start up a new podcast so soon after weekend confirmed ended. I've always felt that you managed to provide some of the best dialogue when it comes to the value and importance of the hobby that we both share an affection for. With all that being said I have a couple suggestion for you on this new podcast. One of your strong points I've always felt is your ability to felicitate and direct an in depth and meaningful discussion with various guests and co-hosts. You've always been able to bring out the best in your guests in regards to relevant and intelligent conversations about video games and the industry in general. So one suggestion would be to bring on a co-host or rotate co-hosts and guest spots. I really enjoyed listen to your thoughts and responses to fan questions, however I would suggest that if you decided to keep the podcast as an solo en-devour then threat it more like a radio dj (more soul then shock jock dj hehe) by keep segments shorter and with more music breaks between (I do enjoy alot of the music you play) or have music playing in the background while you share your ideas and thoughts. I will say that no matter how you decide to produce your show I will remain an avid listener and enjoy the content you put out into the world. Thanks again Garnett and I wish you the best while you hunt for your next new challenges and experiences in life.

  • Leandro Bello

    Awesome!!!!! My weekends can be confirmed again.

  • Nick Korth

    I am 30 minutes in and absolutely like what you have done here Garnett. Keep it up. I think it would be fun to invite a few buddies every now and then, but you know you can do this on your own as well. I could see some random Skype conversations with Indie Jeff or Andrew just to have a short conversation about a title. That would help a lot with costs as you wouldn't NEED a studio to house all of these people. It sounds perfectly fine quality wise. Just keep going!!

  • Nick Korth

    I just finished it (had stuff going on today). You did it!

  • gambolingman

    Congrats on the new show, Garnett!

  • Chen Reed

    Downloading now! So glad you're back :)

  • Shane Bailey

    I love, love, love what you had to say about the Amy Hennig situation, Garnett! The announcement should have been purely about thanking Amy for all her hard work at the studio, with a few statements from fellow Naughty Dog colleagues, perhaps a quote from Yoshida, AND, most importantly, a statement from Amy! The fact that we haven't heard from her is a dead giveaway that this parting was anything but amicable.
    I love both her work, and the work of the rest of the talented folk at Naughty Dog. i just wish it happened in a much brighter light.

    PS. Great to have you back Garnett. It's good to hear your voice again :)

  • Mark R

    Hey Garnett, love that you're already got a new show! Congrats! Looking forward to tuning in on a regular basis. I've been listening since the 1up days and have always considered your podcasts to be the best in the game biz. so it's great to hear you back on the mic again.

    My only slight criticism would be that I'd love it if you had a co-host or a weekly guest. One of my favorite parts of the old shows was how well you and your guests played off each other.. Those conversations brought about a lot of interesting insight as well as some pretty funny moments as well and I'd love it if you could bring that same energy back to your new show.

    Then again it's your show and more than anything else you should do what makes you happy first and foremost..

  • Mike Kolb

    The NPR of gaming podcasts. Is that too much? Hahaha, I really liked the new start!

  • Chris Smith

    Great quality sound and you did a good job of solo conversing but it is just not enough...needs a Jeff (or another good co-host) for that great back and forth conversation. I'll be back for another episode when that happens. Best of luck!

  • 123woki .

    Garnett, I'm an instrumental musician and if you would like a custom intro track for the podcast let me know. I've got a couple that are right up your alley.... no charge of course...

  • Michael Weir

    Goddamn's great to hear your voice again. I'm glad you didn't resort to the now cliche kickstarter route. That said, I would've gladly thrown some bucks your way. Hoping you the best and looking forward to more 'casts.

  • Novan Leon

    Garnett, I'm going to be brutally honest, I'm not really digging the new show format.

    For me personally, one of the things I loved most about Weekend Confirmed were the back-and-forth discussions between yourself and Jeff, Ozzie, Andrew, Andrea, Marcus and everyone else. Weekend Confirmed had a interpersonal chemistry that few other podcasts had. As much as I appreciate hearing your voice on these topics, I feel like a one man show just doesn't have as much to offer as a diverse panel of people who can bounce ideas and concepts off one another. Gems like the heated "abomination of the week" discussion (argument?) between you and Jeff Cannata just aren't possible in the one-man-show format.

    I'm also concerned about your ability or willingness to continue producing a 90+ minute podcast single-handedly. By the second episode I can tell you're already appreciating how difficult it is for a single person to hold up a show all by himself. I'm concerned about the longevity of such an endeavor. Having a panel of regulars/guests would help take some of that pressure off of you and, IMHO, generate a more lively and entertaining discussion on the topic that interest us all.

    Perhaps I'm misreading it and "Garnett on Games" isn't meant to be the spiritual successor to Weekend Confirmed at all, but rather a personal project of your own labor-of-love. If that's the case, is it possible there's another podcast on the horizon that might better fill the space left behind by Weekend Confirmed, produced in parallel with "Garnett on Games"?

    Sincerely, a fan. Cheers!

  • John Orahood

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I have been on a cruise and unable to access the internet for over a week, and what do I come home to, but 2 new episodes of Garnett! Already downloaded both and listening today!
    Thank you, Garnett, for getting back on the horse and giving us some video game goodness. Let us know if there is ever a Paypal or Kickstarter as you evolve the show.

  • Matt Peters

    Welcome back, Garnett. Subscribed!

  • Jose Claudio

    How am i just find out. about this. I been listening to Mr. Lee since the one days.