Garnett on Games
Episode 4

Oculus Riftpocalypse

Garnett Lee published on

Facebook stirred up a lot of emotions with its purchase of KickStarted VR headest company Oculus Rift. Garnett offers his take on why it's a little early for gamers to panic that they're losing a new toy before they even get to play with it and that it may in fact work out in everyone's favor. Besides, it's really just a distraction that's keeping him away from the new Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls, which has him firmly in its addictive grasp. Your calls also debut in this episode along with the comments and questions from the official show threads and of course a few other things the popped on Garnett's radar this week.

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  • Tyler Ferrara

    Glad to hear you broadcasting again. While I have not always agreed with your opinions I have always found them well informed and passionate. I think the voice mail section is great idea and would allow for more audience participation. Also knowing how you feel about PC gaming, a section dedicated to hardware and PC games would be great. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  • Jason Lee

    isnt the witch doctor close enough to the shaman? i mean yea there are differences, but i feel like they are similiar. offensive spellcasting/ totems/ melee weps/ hp:mana regen with support abilities.

  • David Hardy

    So I'm following up on a comment from episode 2 about allowing/not allowing comments and I think he does have a point. At popular areas where the comment section becomes worthless or at least very difficult to navigate towards something of worth by taking away a public platform for troll comments can help the host direct the experience.

    An example of a website doing this is Pitchfork.. Sure it's music space and not gaming but reviews of music often bring about comments which are nothing more than a shouting match back and forth. By eliminating comments the user experience doesn't involve a single instance of trolling or shouting.

  • John Smith

    Thank you for calling out a whole bunch of entitled, whiny gamers who seem to think they should be be able to dictate the terms of a multi-billion dollar business deal because they *donated* $50.

    They are not entitled to anything and they are acting like spoiled children.

    The outrage is utterly, over-the-top, ridiculous.

  • John Smith

    Very strange to hear Garnett saying he likes his physical games in relation to FFX on Vita, yet recommend Steam to someone, which is all digital. Kind of a contradiction.