Garnett on Games
Episode 6

PAX East and Ferraris

Garnett Lee published on

PAX East held a couple of surprises including the announcement of another PAX to join the schedule next year in San Antonio. Like music festivals for gamers the shows get tremendous love but could we get to a point of having too much of a good thing? Your games you come back to bring back many fond memories and an appreciation for the classics. Callers come strong again this week led by an awesome Call of the Week. Garnett lays out his comparo of Forza 5 vs. GT6 vs. a real Ferrari, and there's plenty more packed into this episode.

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  • Stephan Sweepe

    Hey Garnett,

    I only started listening to your new show since the last episode (5). I always listened to Weekend Confirmed and was sad to see it go. I listen to several gaming podcasts including Bombcast and EpicBattleCry, but nothing really fills the Weekend Confirmed void. You guys were really something special. I am definitely enjoying your new show, although I really need to get used to the one-man operation you've got going on. I also listen to DLC to get my weekly Cannata. I wish you guys would work together more often. Everyone at Weekend Confirmed was great, but you two especially.

    Anyway, I'll listen to your new show every week. Even though I sometimes don't agree, I truly value your opinion.

    Keep it up.

  • Garnett Lee

    Couldn't ask for anything more, thanks! Seriously, what you write about not always agreeing but valuing the opinion, that's what it's all about. Thanks for listening.

  • Jesse Anderson

    I have been following your podcasts since the 1UP and Weekend Confirmed Days, and am glad to hear you back on the Internet airwaves. I like the new format, but do kind of miss the discussion between you and other hosts. There were some very interesting conversations.

    One word I hear thrown around the industry a lot is accessibility. Game companies are always talking about how they want to make their titles accessible to the widest audience possible. This is great, but one group that seems to consistently be ignored is disabled gamers. Some games, especially puzzle games, have included color blind features, but I can't think of too many other accessibility features from other mainstream games. This has been on my mind a lot for the past several years now, as I am a legally blind gamer facing some challenges by many modern games. Here are a few questions/concerns I have:

    How can we get game designers and publishers to include accessibility as a core part of their games and see that the disabled community is a valid game market?
    How can we get game journalists and enthusiast press to cover this issue more, so devs take notice?

    IOS games are a great example of a growing accessible market. There are loads of audio games, and VoiceOver accessible titles as well. I also commend VVVVVV and Skullgirls for including accessibility features for visually impaired gamers. The optional power-ups in recent Nintendo games help gamers with limited mobility enjoy titles like the New Super Mario Bros series. Custom control mapping helps gamers with mobility impairments play. Motion and camera-based games are trends that concern me, as they require the gamer to be far away from a TV, and many visually impaired gamers need to sit close. These are just some accessibility examples.

    Finally, a question about the Oculus Rift. When wearing it, is the image right in front of the eye, or is it like looking through binoculars before seeing the image? This effects whether I can play.

  • Derrick Dover

    Just wanted to say again how much I appreciate what you do, Garnett. My editor-in-chief and I have always really enjoyed the work you've done in the past, but your new show is spectacular and keeps getting better. I hope you keep this up for a long time and continue to find success because we need people like you in the video games media. Truly, sincerely, I wish you all the best.

    I really liked your response to Ben from Wales on this episode. I've been working as the video games editor on a small entertainment enthusiast site for just over a year now, and it can be tough, but it's our passion for games and movies that keeps us moving forward. Luckily we don’t have to worry about money.... because there is no money to worry about. LOL! But again, great response, and just in case he reads it... GOOD LUCK BEN!

    Finally, I was having problems with SpeakPipe last week so I couldn't get this to you, but just for fun, I just had to throw out my ultimate replay games, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I replay the 2D Zelda and 2D Castlevania games constantly. There's just something about those series, the 2D releases in particular, that just captivate me. They're simple games compared to what we see today, but they have this astounding sense of excitement and adventure that is timeless. I've been so happy to see all the developers that are bringing back "that ol' feeling" with so many retro style games recently, and on a side note, I'm SO excited that Koji Igarashi has broken away from Konami to start his own studio and work on what he loves and what he knows his gamer-fans want. I'll be the first person to go buy the new, innovative, realistic, AAA titles, but I have and unapologetic, unconditional love for "old-school," classic games.

    Once again, thanks for all you do! Keep up the incredible work! - @DerrickDover -

  • Justin Collum

    There was something about fancy ringtones and a link being in the show notes... I don't see it. I wanted to forward that to a musician friend.

  • 123woki .

    Garnett, if you want to drive Ferraris and you want to have fun, forget Forza..., forget GT.... go play some Outrun 2/sp :)

  • RuThaNiel van den Naar

    I like this podcast in generally, but now i have only two complaints - Wensday launch day, i think isnt good idea, this stuff is good at end of week period and in middle, i have not too much time and when im waiting is outdated. (I think that download numbers would be lesser.) Second is ferrari stuff, sorry man, but it was cheap..