Garnett on Games
Episode 2

We Have Titanfall

Garnett Lee published on

Titanfall drops and hits hard enough to break down Garnett's resistance, landing a shiny Xbox One in his living room thanks to the bundle deal. He gives a full breakdown of the game along with first at home impressions with the new console answering the question of whether you really need a PS4 and an Xbox One yet. Your takes on Titanfall, Dark Souls 2, and questions from the show's Facebook page also get into the mix along with the usual look at the stories and other stuff from around the Net on this week before the Game Developers Conference.

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  • FalconX

    Hope you've unlocked Electric Smoke for your titan to zap those rodeo dudes off your back :-)

  • Ian Lamb

    As a heavy Rodeo abuser I hate Electric smoke. It does its job VERY WELL.

  • Jason Lee

    haha you pretty much described the Electric Smoke ability. Its an extremely versatile ability because not only is it AoE and DPS that kills rodeoing pilots and quickly removes shields/health from enemy titans, while also providing a smoke screen as an escape. Unlocks at level 13. i havent used vortex shield since i got it. great show garnett!

  • RobCampbell

    FYI: Settings on Xbox One is available on any screen by pushing the "menu" button. (Old start button on 360)

  • RobCampbell

    I'm no longer a fan of Sony (lost me as a customer during the original PSP, early PS3 days), but one thing I will say that is severely lacking on the Xbox One when compared to the PS4 is streaming games to a different device as a second screen.

    I bought in to the TV integration hype and my Xbox One is set up in to my living room where as my Xbox 360 was always in the basement. This is a double edged sword. While I personally love being able to switch between Amazon Instant Video to watch "Justified" and back to cable TV with my voice, the issue now is that when my wife wants to watch her shows in the living room, I can't play my games now. This was never an issue when the 360 was in the basement on a dedicated gaming TV. Yes I could move the Xbox One down to the basement and forgo all the cable TV integration, but that is part of the reason I got the Xbox One in the first place.

    I'm really hoping that MS is just waiting for the Xbox One controller drivers to be finished for PC before announcing that you will be able to download an app on windows that can stream games from the Xbox One to my laptop or PC screen. If Sony can stream PS4 games to a handheld device, surely MS can do the same to a much more powerful desktop PC!!

  • Chris Hayes

    You're likely correct, however the question I have lingering is did Sony implement the encoding/streaming ability in the hardware on the console? I bring this up because if it's done in software it could potentially be a bit of a resource hog. In the conversation I had with some of the MS engineers at the launch event here in LA the XBone is pretty resource constrained at the moment to bring additional features into the fold. They are playing very conservatively with doling out more memory and cycles until the platform matures a little more. However the folks I spoke with indicated that as time goes on they are likely to become a bit more liberal with freeing up some of the resources that are currently being kept in reserver; paving way for this kind of second screen experience.

  • don vu

    name of 2nd intermission track?


    The efficacy of how games are made doesn't start with online servers. Long before web 2.0 game mediaites started talking about how "they" review games, beautiful snowflakes that they are, all games were reviewed based on technical factors such as frame rate, and visual fidelity by everyone. Putting aside "games as a service" games are a thing that happens as a result of computer code. The integrity of that code has objective measures. Some critics need to be reminded that they review computer programs, not design documents.

  • 123woki .

    Seriously man, if you want an intro track just say the word... Keep up the great work man.

  • Mark Low

    Great episode. Loved how much you involved the community through Facebook, Twitter, and email messages. Also great info on Titanfall. I was unsure if I should bother with the PC version (don't own an XBone yet) but you and a few other journalists have made some great points. Can't wait for the next episode.

  • James Thomsen

    Great show!

  • John Smith

    Garnett, curious what you think about this situation.

    Sony are *raising* the price of the PS4 by $50 in Canada. Games are going up by $10, controllers by $5.
    Nintendo games are going up by $5.
    Xbox One third party games are going up by $10 but first party games and the console itself aren't.

    Has there ever been a situation where console prices have gone up AFTER launch?

    Do you think Canada is being unfairly targeted, since these prices increases are *not* happening in the U.S.?

    Why do you think companies think they can get away with this?

    Since all three companies are going up at the same time, and all by pretty much the same price, is there grounds for a lawsuit in terms of collusion between the big three, because it certainly seems like they have talked with each other. The price increases are happening by all three, all at the same time.

    Just curious to see what you think.

  • Mike Kolb

    Great show Mr. Lee! I'm glad to hear everyone else agrees, glad you're getting good reviews. I just got the Titanfall Xbox One bundle because I can't wait any more, plus I got a tax refund so that helped, and I'm liking all the updates the Xbox One is getting recently. I was also really digging switching from Titanfall to Forza 5 super fast as I have both of those digitally. Ran in some installation problems with Forza 5, I had to wait for stuff to install, but it was super cool to start playing when the download was going. Game Art & Design graduate, I'll follow you, GT Spybreaker.