Garnett on Games
Episode 10

Xbox One Dis-Kinected

Garnett Lee published on

Microsoft made a surprise move announcing that the Xbox One would be available in just a couple weeks without the Kinect. Everyone wanted to talk about the decision and not all of the feedback was positive. Your calls and comments from the show page raise a number of good points. Also on this show you have more to say about role-playing games and next generation storytelling. And there's even time at the end to catch up on a couple other items and make sure everyone is ready to get their Super Time Force on. To get your calls on a future episode head over to the Speakpipe page at or leave a comment on the show Facebook page.

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  • John Williams

    This is not so much about this episode of GoG so much as it is about your input on the topic of the removal of Kinect on John and Garnett. In that show, you seem to lament the removal of the device as being too early, but really Kinect has been around for the better part of five years now and nothing substantial has come of it. How long did you really expect Microsoft to wear that anchor around its neck, Garnett?

    No offense intended, but Nintendo used to come up with amazing concepts for their new controller ideas when the controller came out. The Kinect struck me as a me-too device, something built on theories instead hard concepts. For that reason alone, thank God it's gone. It has been a distraction at best, and now since all the grammas have shown they are not showing up to recreate the motion fad that was the Wii, Microsoft can get back to paying attention to people who actually buy lots of games. How is this a bad thing?

  • Jordan Self

    Whens the next show, Garnett? Really enjoy the new podcast and need my next fix ;)