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Episode 133

Episode 133 A Chat with Mega Ran

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@Melwheezy and guest host Teacher.Rapper.Hero.Podcaster.Gamer  @MegaRan discuss all things geek in tv, movies  , music ,gaming.

Geek Headlines

Gene Wilder dead at 83 :-( R.I.P.

Joe Manganiello is Deathstroke?

Geek TV 

Suicide Squad was Jared Leto the worst Joker ever?

Luke Cage coming to Netflix on 9/30/16 and every episode named after a Gang Starr song

Red Dwarf returns

Batman 60's cartoon "Return of the caped crusader"

Transformers combiner wars on GO90 impressions 


Skyblew's new album Skyblew The Cowardly Boy, is  out now!!!!


Break Song  Skyblew " Nobody wanna love"


Everything Games Everything Zen


What's everybody playing?


Is Madden 17 the best Madden yet?


No Man Sky or  no Mans Land?

Axiom Verge coming to Wii U the Metroid game we deserved or needed?

New Galaxy 3DS announced today!

Listener Questions with Mega Ran!!!!!

End Song Skyblew " The Ballad of Freaky Fred (Prod. Scottie Royal) ? 






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