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Episode 163

Episode 163 Feel Good Mario Kartin

Melwheezy has #Arms published on



New 2DSXL announced by Nintendo


Next Gen Playstation predicted to launch in 2018 by analysts


Fit Bit Flex 2 exploded is the Samsung's exploding phone thing all over again?


Geek TV/Movies


Arrowverse is back after Hiatus


Flash goes back to the future


Everything Games  Everything Zen


What's everybody playing?


Super Mario Kart started as an F-Zero MP prototype


Danger zone is a burnout like puzzle game ?


Splatoon 2 tournament coming to E3 2017!


Infinite Golf  coming to the Switch this spring !


Rainway promises to bring PC game streaming to the Switch


Xbox games with gold for May


Portal Knights coming to the Switch


Super Mario Run version 2.1.0 is out and it has achievements does this mean we will see them soon on the Nintendo Switch ??


Breath of the NES


Check out Andre's gaming site

Check out Luke's youtube channel

Check out the indie game Last Stitch Good Night coming out for PS4 & Steam on 5/9/17


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