Geeks with Kids
Episode 60

Episode 60: Geeks LX vs Superbowl LI

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Join Geeks Aaron, Mark and an exhausted Erik, as they discuss some "sportsball-thing" called the Superbowl, complain about the Trump, and ponder what a superhero baseball team might look like.  Also, they dive into what sports they see their kids participating in in the future, the best geeky Superbowl foods money can buy and what their favourite fictional sport might be.  Will Erik be awake enough to chow down on some delicious wings?  Are Mark's picks for the best Superhero baseball team, All-Star caliber?  Has Aaron solved the mystery of the technical glitches?  Why are these Geeks so hung up on the Superbowl?  Find out this week on Geeks with Kids!


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