Generation OddCast

Generation OddCast is a podcast where 3 dudes come together to talk about a variety of things. Usually insulting to someone     
This right here is all about the most random things that pop into our heads. We are just 3 average dudes talking into a mic. Dave L bringing his rants, anger nerdgasms and whatever fun deals he stumbles across on Craigslist. Next up to bat is Chris Raj, pizza making extraordinaire. He seems quiet but get a little Jameson's in him and the kid can ramble with the best of them. Then finally we have the pinch hitter of GenOdd the man who stepped up when we lost all hope at continuing Andy C. He is a Dad, works two jobs and knows more about Star Wars then George Lucas. Check us out if you want to laugh. At least we are good for that.      

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