Generation OddCast

Episode 28

A Wild Canadian Appeared

Dave LeBlanc published on

Welcome Oddience to a fanciful edition of Generation OddCast. So we had a ton of fun on Memorial Day recording our special episode, but we were missing something that day. We wanted and attempted to have a very special guest, then failed miserably in the attempt.

So duh duh da naaaaaaah we would like to present Rick Welbanks from the podcast Shenanigans Podcast with Rick Welbanks, formerly known as Shit Rick Says. This metal headed , guitar strumming, drum thrashing, full blooded (apologetically of course) Candian is joining us this week to shoot the shit about whatever we feel like.
He answers Dave’s favorite question to ask people about time traveling masturbation, sways his opinion on a movie and has the wonderfully witty banter you expect from us….Oh you don’t expect witty banter just mildly offensive humor? WE HAVE THAT TOO!

Tune in and listen to the new game Dave came up with! Craigslist + Multiple Choice + True Or False= Hilarity

So enjoy Oddience as always


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