Generation OddCast

Episode 22

Amazon Presents Nipple Belts

Dave LeBlanc published on

Wow you guys really delivered som great inbox #LLD’s! So with that in mind we headed into the show ready to rock your socks off.

Douchebag Dave proceeds to snapchat while we record. Tell him to stop taking selfies people it’s a real problem!

We go from murderer to murderer’s pants to Nipple Belts to Florida and into dog fucking. It was a weird line of conversation. Tyler Hartwell shows up for a minute! Well no he doesn’t but I bet you were excited for a minute there.

We rip on Bieber and play y’all some of Dj iQuizzle’s jams for ya.

We rate this show a strong 7 out of 10 so go listen, laugh and touch yourselves.

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