Generation OddCast

Episode 39

Andy's Late, Chris' Crippled and Dave's Beer Keeps Foaming

Dave LeBlanc published on

Well Oddience it is another interesting episode to say the least. We aren't drunk this time and that is a good start. As you can see in the title Chris screweed himself up and Andy olls up late but at least he is there.
We talk about Kevin Smith's neew movie Tusk, have a failed sports segment, talk about a dude screwing dogs.
Oh that is not all we have even more, we talk about a chinese hospital's sprm milking machine, startin a mars colony and how musch it would cost us to go to mars for the rest of our lives. We even have another story about the girl with the presidential fetish from way back in the day.
All in all you guys have a solid podcast to listen to this week. We gave our all and you probably can't tell. 
No worries though we just want you to enjoy the show.

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