Generation OddCast

Episode 38

Ask the Oddience While Andy is Drunk

Dave LeBlanc published on

Back at it again. The boys are back in full numbers this week as Chris, Andy and Dave sit around and shoot the sh*t about whatever the oddience wants. Yea you read that right we took Oddience questions to get us talking tonight and oh boy, it got us talking. 

Andy is pretty drunk this episode and pulls a Chris and just aggravates th shit out of Dave for your listening pleasure of course. So amongst Dave yelling at Andy to shut up and let everyone else talk you get to hear there opinions on 3 hot questions.

1. How do you feel about mediums?
2. What is your opinion on sexual violence?
3. What are your standpoints on U2 putting their albumn everyones iTunes.

So with those questions gettin answere we also talk about Chris withdraing from nicotine. The racism that is okay, stereotype racsism. Children and religion, with a little 50k a year salary for a blunt roller.

Not to mention a Craigslist deal about Michael Jordan. So tune in and listen to another action packed episode.

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