Generation OddCast

Episode 41

Dave Passed Out

Dave LeBlanc published on

Alright so right of the back I am going to put this out there, Dave got so drunk at the bar pre-recording he passed out a few minutes in. This was due to trying a new anxiety med, not eating at all and not getting much sleep. He is very sorry. Well now that that is out of the way, we have a special guest this week with The Stupid Marine. They blow through some things Dave was working hard on and he will probably get back on to them next week. A little Pastafarianism and Jedi religions. Some yeti and UFO talk. They move onto a smidgen of ISIS some prohibition talks and talkin about the reefa. TUSK and things about it, then two Craigs List Deals. Special shoutout to the boys pulling through and not dropping the ball without Dave.

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