Generation OddCast

Episode 15

Remember, Remember the SHUT THE FAWKE UP!

Dave LeBlanc published on

Anarchy reigns (kind of) in this new episode of Generation Oddcast! Dave gets some faweking things off his chest to start things off.

Also, quick riddle for you all. What does a taco and punching horses have in common? These questions plus, Why do they hunger so in Papua New Guinea? Is your pimple ripe, or are you just not trying hard enough?

And why the hell does Dave feel the need to add a soundboard?

New body parts are discovered in you and spaceships in the stars above.

We discover that we would buy Satans piccolo and a woman willing to dress up as Princess Peach and 1up our mushrooms on Daves Craigslist Deal of the (insert time here X5) O’ DA WEEK!

Joe’s Remember These is something Dave would rather forget. All this side splitting fun and more on episode 15 of Generation Oddcast


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