Generation OddCast

Episode 20

The Apologycast Pt.B Bloody Fingers

Dave LeBlanc published on

Welcome back everybody. So I know I promised you all a Gin Bucket episode, and it will happen. I just got really really drunk and forgot to save the last one.
So we are recording this episode a two parter with TWO VERY SPECIAL GUESTS.

We dive face first into the episode by talking about one of the oldest arguements known to man, which is better Goldeneye 64 or Perfect Dark 64. Which really turns into a stupid conversation about 64 Games in general.

We discuss porta-jons  and the Mountains of shit that live in them. Then dive into a new bit called something like This time in science or something we haven’t nailed it down yet. We discuss paper airplanes, fans and dragon thrusts.

We have a Craigslist deal of the century of the day/minute/second/newyear/ of da WEEK. Even some good ole fashion WTF Florida.

So make sure to give this a listen when I figure out how to get it uploaded because that seems to be the hardest part right now.


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