Generation OddCast

Episode 20

The Apologycast Pt.C SCIENCE

Dave LeBlanc published on

Okay so to continue the apology for screwing everything up here is a semi pilot of a new podcast that may be coming soon.

Just with all of the Generation OddCast guys plus the special guests Kevin and Will. We keep our usual humor for a chunk in here, but we also try to do our best to stumble through some science related subjects.

We really hope you enjoy this because honestly we may have broke our brains on some of these topics.

I mean c’mon Wormholes, Hologram universe, The infinite probability theory, MURDER CROWS ( Yea you read that right not only are they a murder of crows but they are murder crows. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE CROWS) and we even talk about why leaves change colors.

So educate yourselves a very little bit. We will make it gentle, I promise


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