Generation OddCast

Episode 10

The New Studio

Dave LeBlanc published on

Welcome to Oddcast Studios, no wait PodBender Studios West, or is it Oddcast Studios a subsidiary of PodBender. Screw it welcome to the first episode being recorded at my (Dave and Chris’) house. Hopefully it all sounds okay.

We do the usual shit shooting, we even almost had Tyler in studio with us. So close. Maybe next week.

So we do get around in time to talking about robot dicks, hookers, blow, hookers made of blow and even confetti cannons.

We kinda do a remember these but Dave hates the show so he pooped on it a bit. We even have a special guest of Lola, my dog, who just gets yelled at to shut-up a lot.

As usual tune in for some laughs, or don’t and let the Terrorists win. You don’t wanna be THAT guy though so I would listen.


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