Generation OddCast

Episode 12

The Vagoo and Take 2 on Recording

Dave LeBlanc published on

Hey there Oddience coming at you hard again this week. It took us two tries to get a usable podcast this week. Why you ask? Well because I (Dave) decided that I wanted to get super hammered Saturday night and record.
It wasn’t pretty.

Any who we bring all sorts of things that you guys kinda like I guess. Like the Craig’s List deal of the hour of the minute of the century of the month OF DA WEEK. Talking all about someone looking for some roommates.

We have a Top 5 ish on our favorite Horror Film actors. We didn’t really realize how hard it is to pick it actual actors from horror movies. But we make it work.

I even get Joe to do some impressions. Enjoy that cause its a thing. Then we talk about Chris “Bull” Dowzer

I dunno enjoy guys it’s a good time as always.


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