Get Blueshelled
Episode 31

Can Nintendo Stay Fresh?! - Splatoon 2 Launch! - Get Blueshelled Podcast #31

BT Cyd published on

This week the gang discusses the FRESH new Splatoon 2 game! Ryan & Mike give their thoughts on the more competitive side of things while Nicole has an EPIC rant about her issues with the game & Nintendo. Be sure to contact us and let us know your thoughts on the game!

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  • stuckonaladder

    the reason you have to play ranked to form squads is because turf war is supposed to be a casual mode, and having four people team up to dominate consistently would ruin the casual experience. as for the required rank to play league, i'll copy-paste an answer from someone with more experience: "It's to prevent people from being carried by higher level players. It sounds dumb, but this was an issue in the first game, where you'd essentially have C-/+ players being carried by their S+ buddies."
    can't figure out why you can't change equipment in the lobby though. it's really annoying, especially when you want to try out new gear.

  • BT Cyd

    Sorry, just seeing this now! Not used to getting comments so thank you so much for this! :D

    Actually you bring up a great point. I didn't really play a ton of ranked but now that you mention it I can see this being a HUGE problem. Now that you say it that way, I totally understand. Re: the gear switch in the lobby, apparently you CAN do that in ranked group play? Idk. Makes no sense to allow it in one mode and not the other...ugh. Come on Nintendo!

    Thanks again for the comment! We will read this out loud on episode 33 and respond :)