Get Good Podcast
Episode 21

Get Good - Dark Souls Is Not As Difficult As A Rotary Phone

Ryan Karl published on

Wise fwom your gwave! Like an Altered Beast, Get Good lives again! We'll return weekly with more news, banter, and insight on the world of gaming. Join your hosts Ryan and Nick as we cover all the big news of last week, including the PS4K(NEO), Blizzard and the Private Server debacle, Dark Souls 3, and more!

Rumors fly that Sony is going to release the New 3DS PS4K (aka NEO), an upgrade no one asked for!

Blizzards finally hints at legacy servers after beings dicks about it at every convention ever.

J. Romero and A. Carmack launchthen unlaunch Kickstarter, then promise demo for Blackroom.

Dark Souls 3 is last Dark Souls gamelies developer Hitadeki Miyazaki. Nick is hoping for a new Armored Core!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 5: Sister Location announced! Five more sequels soon to follow, if projections hold.

Check out Enter the Gungeon. It's Binding of Isaac, minus the poop! Unless there's a gun that shoots poop, just to disappoint Spiffy.


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