Get Good Podcast
Episode 51

Get Good - Dicks Out For Ribombee

Ryan Karl published on

It’s that time of year again, where gaming publications and Geoff Keighley lock themselves in a room, and smoke 50 pounds of peyote before blindly throwing darts at a board to give out awards. This time, however, we join the masses in calling their bullshit. We know they’ll never listen, but it’s nice to vent. 

We went on this for two hours. Listen or click the link here for the winners.

The trailers! Really, the only reason to watch Keighley wank off on stage for two hours. We aim to save you the nightmare and bring them to you here.

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Intro and Outro credit: 
“La La Triroriro” By Rolemusic (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0

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