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Episode 24

Get Good - Fresh Room Tone

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TELL ME I'M PRETTY! Then hit that play button and join us for the latest episode of Get Good Podcast. Ryan dives deeper into his Stellaris addiction, meanwhile Nick rips and tears with way through Hell in Doom. We take a break from our addictions to fill you in on the latest gaming news and toss Nintendo back back in the Angry Dome. But wait...might they find their way out this week? Tune in and find out!


Because Nintendo can't tell us ANYTHING about the NX, here's your weekly NX Rumor pool. The NX is said not to be a successor or replacement for the Wii U or 3DS. Interestingly enough, the NX is said to use ARM architecture, which is common in mobile devices, instead of the console standard x86. This would save on power, but make it difficult for developers to make cross platform games.

Bonus round: Ryan's SD card findings.

Visit Souls veteran Iron Pineapple's Youtube channel and watch him screw with PvP in the best ways possible!

Sequel to walking simulator and obtuse puzzle game The TALOS Principle is confirmed to be in development, but not officially in case anyone asks.

In Spiffy's Suggestion corner this week, we have I Wanna be the Boshy and Wings of Vi. You know, in case you thought Dark Souls was easy and you're good at games.

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