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Episode 34

Get Good - Lucilleball

Ryan Karl published on

Lucille Ball plays Lucio Ball as Lucio in the Overwatch Summer Games update! We’ve also got a safaril-load of non-go related Pokemon news, and snips from Quakecon 2016. So grab your pokeballs, load those flak cannons, and charge that ult in this weeks Get Good Podcast

  • Pokemon Sun & Moon release a new trailer and really stepped up their GMO game. 
  • Overwatch releases the Summer Games update, introducing Lucille Lucio Ball, limited time unlocks, and a generous helping of the Banhammer.
  • Quakecon 2016 happen from Aug 4-7 and it brought a good amount of id Software news and a Fallout 4 patch that lets you kill the dreaded Marcy Long.
  • BONUS: Elder Scrolls Legends is now in open beta. Just visit the website, sign up, and start playing.

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