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Episode 18

10: Mike Billington | Another Robert Mueller Political Witch Hunt, American Political Prisoner

Kirk Meighoo published on

This episode comes in the wake of the death of the controversial thinker and political activist, Lyndon LaRouche on 12 February 2019. 

Mike Billington is author of Reflections of an American Political Prisoner: the Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement, a leading figure in the LaRouche Movement, and Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review.

After working in the Peace Corps in Guyana and Thailand, he joined the LaRouche movement in 1972, in its early stages.

Along with LaRouche and other close associates, Billington was later prosecuted by Robert Mueller in the 1980s, serving a prison sentence from 1989-2000 in what is well-argued to be a move of political repression. There are notable parallels with Mueller's prosecution of Donald Trump and his associates.

His fascinating story, and his moving account of his time in prison, both inspires and frightens.

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