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Episode 22

11: Brian Manning | Becoming A Man While Being The Prime Minister's Son

Kirk Meighoo published on

Brian Manning grew up his whole life while his father was one of the most important politicians in Trinidad and Tobago's history.

He experienced his father becoming a leader of the opposition, leading the country's oldest political party and rebuilding it almost from scratch to after its massive electoral defeat after 30 years in power, responding to the coup attempt by a radical Muslim group in 1990, becoming Prime Minister and transforming the economic landscape, losing the Prime Ministership, regaining it again, and losing it once more.

These key events happened during the formative years of Brian Manning's young life, but he had always struggled to become his own man rather than to live under his father's shadow.

In my conversation with Brian Manning this week, he not only gives us his perspective on these historical events, he also gives us an insight into the ways he tried to forge his own path under the shadow of his larger-than-life father.

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