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Episode 29

13: Charrandass Persaud | Risking His Life by Constitutionally Removing His Government From Power

Kirk Meighoo published on

Charrandass Persaud is living legend in Guyana, a Caribbean country in South America, right next to Venezuela. He is loved by some, respected for his bravery, and hated by many others. Indeed, his life is credibly in danger. So much so that he has had to flee to Canada, where he also holds citizenship.

What did Charran do to provoke this intensely divided and passionate reaction? 

He is responsible for constitutionally bringing down the elected Government by voting yes on a no-confidence motion in December 2018. This is the first time such a thing has happened in Guyana's history, and only the second time in the history of the Commonwealth Caribbean, which Guyana is considered to be a part of.

In this exclusive and exciting interview, we discuss:

- the racialised, violent split between the Africans and Indians, engineered by the British and the CIA in the 1960s, due to Cold War manipulations and destabilisation, to prevent the Indian-led, communist PPP from coming to power
- the shameful, unresolved history of the People's National Congress (PNC) with vote-rigging, the murder of Walter Rodney, support of religious cults (including Jim Jones and Rabbi Washington), murderous ethnic cleansing in the villages, party paramountcy, banning importation of predominantly Indian foods
- why he could not join the People's Progressive Party (PPP), due to alleged corruption, and why he joined the multi-racial Alliance for Change (AFC)
- was there a conspiracy with the opposition to bring down the government?
- his refutations of allegations made against him
- alleged continued US involvement and manipulation in Guyanese politics, in favour of the PNC
- The 5 Guianas - Spanish, British, French, Dutch, Portuguese - and the tremendously rich mineral deposits of gold, diamonds, etc.
- The recent massive oil finds that may promise massive transformation, and/or massive corruption
- open death threat made to and assault against him in Parliament
- when exactly he decided to vote against his Government, and why he decided to go that historic, controversial route
- the effect that his decision will have on the future of Guyana
- fears for his personal safety from the Guyanese State
- how he prepared for his possible death

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